Busines Suite:

Competitive Edge:

  • Ability in providing a low cost solution.
  • Experience in Bigdata & J2EE technologies.
  • Custom Bigdata & J2EE framework library built and tested in realtime environment


As part of the competitive research, it is found that lot of customers are demanding a web based solution as several personnel in the office can work on the system at the same time without going thru the hassle of installing software on all their machines. It is also easy to upgrade the software at one central location rather than upgrading it on every pc as and when there is a need to upgrade the software

Also, to stay ahead in the competition. The following technologies are decided:

  • Bigdata, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Cassandra, Solr.
  • AI, IoT, Cloud Computing
  • Java, Scala, Python, J2EE, Spring,  Angular JS for web development user interface
  • JSon/XML for messaging and internal message transformations
  • MySql for database development