IT Business Solutions

Dev Data Systems provides software business solutions to clients worldwide. Our main aim is to provide high quality and cost effective business solutions and consulting services. Dev Data Systems can provide Business Solutions to our customers with proven technologies and experience in the following areas:

  • Bigdata Tools and Technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • J2EE technology
  • Microsoft .Net Technology
  • Security Solutions
  • Mainframe Development and Maintenance
  • SAP, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft Technology
  • AWS, DevOps, Azure
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Wireless - Mobile - Business Solutions
  • Porting Applications from one platform to - All Technologies
  • Digital Brand Protection
  • Android, IOs and J2ME
  • Project Management and Planning

Dev Data Systems consists of a highly talented and experienced team of management and technical professionals. We have earned the respect of our customers through attentive service and comprehensive expertise. We provide our customers with the right solutions to manage their critical information needed to run their business.

Projects Delivery Models: Dev Data Systems has been successful in delivering the projects using one of the two following options:

Outsource: Dev Data Systems can deliver using our development center in Plano, Texas

Onsite: Dev Data Systems can deliver onsite by utilizing our Customer's workplace at their location or a combination of two or both models:

What separates us from our competitors? Dev Data Systems has had exceptional success particularly in providing IT Project services to our customers. We have delivered the projects on time and within budget by using our development centers located in Plano, TX for outsourced projects. As a company, we have earned a distinguished reputation for delivering what we promise with exceptional value to our customers. Our visionary management has created an atmosphere of “Can Do” while nurturing a workforce which has broad-based experience and able to rapidly deliver systems to our customers on time as promised and within budget. What separates Dev Data Systems from our competitors is that we are a leader, a low cost provider of exceptional services, and able to deliver, and maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce with low turn-over. Moreover, we at Dev Data Systems. pride our self in the offering of simple and stabilized business practices and we stand behind the reliability of our services. We believe and provide all of the following to our customers:

  • Visionary Management
  • Efficient and Cost Effective
  • Exceptional workforce
  • Deliver what we promise
  • Broad-base experience
  • Deliver value to customer
  • Rapid delivery of systems
  • Highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Always exceed customer expectations